Aadi Aushadhi

Aadi Aushadhi has been one of the most appreciated activities of GJEM. It has certainly brought life to the fading knowledge of traditional medicine. Concentrated efforts of GJEM and the team has even helped the Project in making collaborations with the Central and State governments and other poignant agencies in the field. These interventions have certainly helped the tribal community in keeping their knowledge intact and at the same time have been able to introduce new species of medicines into their fold.


Traditional Medicine

Aadhi Ashadhi is a unique social enterprise comprising of traditional healers from Vasava indigenous tribe in Dediapada taluka of Narmada district. The film is about its origin, aims and objectives and activities told by its its various stakeholders.

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Language : Gujarati

Vedruna Holistic Health Care Centre, Unai

Sr Lissy Paul, ccv has been working with the Adivasi women in South Gujarat revising traditional medicinal knowledge and practise whereby improving health and lives of their Adivasis. This film brings to the forefront the story, philosophy and people behind this noble venture.

Language : Gujarati