Author : Khushi A. Panchal

“How can we not see? “How can we not sense what’s happening?” Mother Nature is shattering! She is on the verge of getting destroyed! How can we miss it; the most important aspect of our lives? Rather, I could say our lives.

“Everything is Connected” What does this phrase tell us? That a charger has to be connected to the socket in order for usage? No!! It tells us that even the tiniest of living matter in this world is connected to everything. I have heard people give lectures about how we should use cotton bags and use dustbins and avoid cigarettes and stuff. The next moment, the man steps outside, takes a cigarette out of his pocket, and a while later just throws it on the street. We’d think what difference does it make if we throw some wrapper on the road. Well, it makes all the difference in the world!! If we talk about the food chain, I’d say humans have put themselves in between there too. Grass is eaten by grasshoppers, which in turn are eaten by frogs. Snakes feed on frogs, which in turn are devoured by hawks. The hawks get eaten by lions and ultimately, the lions, after dying, get decomposed in the soil from which, new plants grow. So, this is how it’s supposed to be. You’d think I forgot humans. But I wonder what humans are doing in the food chain of the forest. They’ll enter anywhere they want to. But they don’t realise that they are going against the law of nature. They are cutting excessive trees, for pure greed. They are killing more and more animals. Why? For satisfaction. Do we even realise what we are doing? Everyday, more and more natural imbalance is taking place. But are they realising it? No. What are we teaching our children? Be merciless?

Nothing ever lasts forever. I suppose, even this magnificent creation of God will be destroyed by the Fetor of the human heart. Nature is not going to rescue us at the time of need. On one hand, we are cutting more and more trees and on the other, we are using the space to establish a better future, a better man. What future are we looking forward to, if there will be no man left? What trees are going to make the air oxygenated and what sun will be there to provide sunlight and warmth? What will be the ultimate consequences of the imbalance happening, we never bother to think. Every atom, every cell, every living matter on the earth is dependent on one thing or the other. And dependence is unavoidable. You wait for the milkman to come, don’t you? And even if the milkman doesn’t come, we don’t hesitate to walk down the street and buy ourselves some milk. We have a choice. It will never be the same when the destruction comes. There will be no other choice. But there is a choice now. We still have got a chance to make things better. We are immensely dependent on water, aren’t we? One day the water is gone, and we begin shouting and screaming and constantly calling the municipal corporation. What will happen when the water will be truly, wholly gone? Who will we shout to?

People are excited for the future and I have to admit, even I am. But I have to step up for humankind, be responsible and be nature friendly. If I stop the things I do that are harmful for the earth, I am making a huge contribution. And I already am. So in this way, if I inspire someone to be compassionate and contribute love for the earth, it sure is going to be safe and intact for the future generations. Man has developed immensely in fields of economics, politics, pharmacy, mechanics, engineering… But what the human has left out to discover is its inner love. Love for this beautiful and resourceful environment. It has left out its emotions and is in need of more and more. But change doesn’t happen overnight. If I can stop throwing waste on the public places or roads, so can you. We are strongly will- powered and thus one promise to conserve life and its habitat can contribute endlessly to this cause. Just as we need resources and homes, so do animals, insects and other species of life. If we pledge today and promise a better future to our children, we have truly fulfilled the purpose of life. This fresh, lively, varied and united life. We are all connected and cannot do without each other.

" We are one, We are connected. We are together and united Long live this eternity "

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Everything is connected

Poem by : Harsh

Above the sky, below the earth,
Everything is connected.
The clouds, the cold,
The rain, the rainbow,
The birds, the wind,
The heart, the mind,
The loss, the gain,
The cure, the pain,
The sound, the silence,
The peace, the violence,
The roots, the tree,
And you and me,
Everything is connected.

You exist, so live,
You take, so give.
The life you hated,
It was to be celebrated,
The sun, the light,
The moon, the night,
The storm, the thunder,
The food, the hunger,
The tears, you have,
The smile, you gave,
The flower, the bee,
And you and me,
Everything is connected.

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Author : Cyril Prince

The world is full of connections. Some of which we know and some of them we do not. Some of which so common and straightforward for our eyes to realize as we glance at them and some of them so complex and unfathomable for us to even imagine.

There are more connections than we can even think of between our bodies, our ecosystem, our world, our galaxy and even our universe. It is fascinating to know that even the atoms of iron in our blood that flow through our body came into earth because of stars exploding in our inter-galactic universe. During the beginning of life on earth there was little or no oxygen in the atmosphere. Without oxygen there would be no multi-cellular organisms, let alone other creatures. Luckily, for us there was one organism known as cyanobacteria which had the unique ability we now call photosynthesis. It took them billions of years to absorb the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and build up the level of oxygen for organisms to thrive. The oxygen that we breathe today is being created by the descendants of the same cyanobacteria. So, there’s a subtle connection between the oxygen we breathe today and the organisms that lived during the beginning of life. While trying to study evolution, researchers found that humans did not evolve in a straight manner as many pictures and references of evolution show rather there had been innumerable interconnections and relations between the primates and finally got to the stage which we now know.
A topic of mathematics which is of major interest to mathematicians and scientists alike is Chaos Theory. Chaos Theory studies the dynamics and interconnectedness between systems. A topic which is really interesting in Chaos Theory is the Butterfly Effect. Butterfly effect is about how tiny changes in big systems can have complex results. The name of the effect was derived from the metaphorical example of the details of a tornado being influenced by minor perturbations such as the flapping of the wings of a distant butterfly several weeks earlier. Butterfly Effect truly shows us how intertwined is our world.

Connectedness is an element of almost every spiritual tradition of mankind throughout all of history. Spirituality, in a sense is nothing but finding the connection between the mind, body and soul. It is in having that unity that one finds peace. A good novel writer or a film writer is able to make subtle connections throughout the story and deliver them in a pleasing manner at the end. A good detective like Sherlock Holmes is able to find connections between the evidence, suspects and the victim. These connections help him to come out with a theory and eventually leads him to the perpetrator. All good scientists and mathematicians observe and discover meaningful connections between the elements of nature and try to use that knowledge for the benefit of humankind.

As I conclude, I want to quote a sentence from the book The Vocation of Man (1800) written by Johann Gottlieb Fichte.

“you could not remove a single grain of sand from its place without thereby … changing something throughout all parts of the immeasurable whole”

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