Setting up the Traditional Medicine [TM] Network 2

Setting up the Traditional Medicine [TM] Network

Setting up the Traditional Medicine [TM] Network

Adiaushadhi Meeting
Objective : To discuss cultivation progress, experience sharing by farmers practicing organic farming training at Ravipura, kitchen garden progress and preparation of AA products
Participants : 42
Resource Persons : Srhi Sarvdaman Patel, Ms. Ruchel, Newzealand

Most of the members of AA have cultivated medicinal plants in their backyard and started supplying the raw materials to AA office. AA has prepared medicines worth Rs. 50,000 during the month of December and supplied it to the shop at Stutue of Unity, Kevadiya.

Setting up the Traditional Medicine [TM] Network 2

Shantilal a member of AA has attended a training at Organic farm Ravipura from 3-7th December 2019. He thanked Fr. Lancy for selecting him for this training, he benefited due to this training and learnt many aspects of organic and Biodynamic farming.

Setting up the Traditional Medicine [TM] Network 1

He shared his knowledge to AA members and he is willing to teach all AA members. Out of present 42 members 17 members have successfully grown vegetables and started eating. The yield of Dhaniya, Methi, Brinjal and Guar is very good.

The next meeting is fixed for 9th January 2020.

Fr. Lancy’s Visit to Eco-Organic Farm, Shrishti Organics

Fr. Lancy’s Visit to Eco-Organic Farm

"Shrishti Organics"

Today we organised blessing ceremony for Shrishti Organics farm . Rev. Fr. Lancy performed eco spiritual ritual and blessed the farm. He thanked all five life supporting elements of cosmos and requested their continuous support to this farm. The farm is open for the learners who wish to learn about organic farming, biodynamic farming and animal husbandry.

Shrishti Organics have developed a model farm as a part of eco-awareness and organic farming awareness at Waghodiya taluka, Vadodara district. The farm has following ongoing activities for the farmers and interested students and lay people. The farm is under development stage.

Various types of composts are prepared with a motive to exhibit different methods of composting to visitors.

This farm also models fodder management practices for cattle, it would help farmers being self reliant, who domesticate cattle and re depended on them for farming purposes.

Solar pump is another exhibition where in farmers would not hack to be depended on grid or diesel for irrigating purposes.

So far in Shrishti Organics farm we are growing 28 types of vegetable. Vegetable Mandap is installed for climbers.

Cattle Shed for with capacity to accommodate four cattle is established, cattle is one of the major component of dynamic farming.

Honey bee racks have been installed so they can pollinate flowers in our vegetable garden and at the same time produce honey.

Horticulture trees have been used as border plantation. They will provide fencing in long run form wild bores as well as seasonal yield of fruits.

Major corp we have cultivated in our farm are wheat and gram.