LEAF Webinar July 2020

Report on LEAF Webinar July 2020

Report on LEAF Webinar July 2020

On 27th July, 2020 we organized Webinar for Past & Present Leaf Students with the purpose on how they can put their learning into practice and what environmental activities they did during lockdown.

23 students joined us through google meet. We started webinar with Welcoming Speech & introduction. Mrs. Archana gave presentation on Child and Environment. Trupti Parmar was the moderator for the day.

Mr. Jothi did interaction with the students and inspired them. Ms. Monica and Ms. Priyanka also shared their experience with the students. This webinar was student oriented so we gave more time to them to share what work they have done for nature. After sharing we discussed about Action Plan.

LEAF Webinar July 2020

Sharing we received from the students:

Chris Parmar

⁙ They segregate wet and dry waste.

⁙ Everyday gives water to the Plant.

⁙ Put bird feeders and Nest for the birds.

Pankil Gosai

⁙ He grows lady’s finger and coriander in his kitchen garden.

⁙ He is following organic farming.

⁙ Daily he gives water to birds.

⁙ On Ganesh Chaturthi he always makes Eco-friendly Ganpati instead of Plaster of Paris

Kartik Mishtry

⁙ He prefers bicycle for nearby place.

⁙ Few years back he attained one workshop at Xavier Technical Institute,S evasi. That time we gave one sapling to him. He planted that sapling at his grandmother’s home and now it has became a tree.

⁙ After online classes he spends his most of the time with nature like feeding the birds.


⁙ She planted so many plants at her farm and also taking care of it.

Rhutu Shah

⁙ When Lockdown 2 opened she and her parents did research and made a list of the Air purifier Plants. They went to nursery and bought plants and did plantation.
⁙ Water from the washing machine is recycled and used in the garden.
⁙ They try to avoid Plastic as much as possible.

Meghdeep Jadeja

⁙ He prefers bicycle for nearby place.
⁙ He feeds and gives water to birds.

Rana Jayshree

⁙ After online classes she used to go to the garden and spend time with nature.
⁙ Planted Aloe Vera and Basil at her place.
⁙ She explained to the people in her community not to harm animals by giving leftover food in plastic bag.
⁙ Society members also encourage her. She has encouraged everyone for Tree plantation.


⁙ She feeds and gives water to the birds.
⁙ She did plantation.
⁙ She also did some science experiment regarding plants.

Raut Vishal

⁙ He and his friends planted 100 Mango saplings in the open area of the Deevalya boarding campus.
⁙ When they left hostel they told father that they want to do plantation in hostel. With father permission they did plantation.

Zainab Topiwala

⁙ She put Bird feeder at her place.
⁙ Did Plantation.
⁙ As much as possible she tries to avoid use of plastic.
⁙ In a Lockdown they did some social work like distributing food to needy people.

The sharing of the LEAF students was inspiring, we have given follow up activities and we plan to organize another webinar next month.

Webinar on Green Teachers Program

Webinar on Green Teachers Program

Webinar on Green Teachers Program


It has been a challenging time for all the teachers all around the world because of Covid-19 Pandemic. In the context of the digital divide and lack of infrastructure and experience in online education, teachers are forced to improvise and innovate with available technology.

Keeping in mind the challenges and problems faced by the teachers regarding technology for online education, GJEM organized Online Teaching-Learning Workshop at St. Xavier's English Medium School, Borsad and St. Xavier’s School, Bharuch. The thrust of the workshop was that the teachers can adapt their content to online education and find innovative ways to reach out to rural students.

Instead of duplicating classroom teaching, we inspired the teachers to use short films for education as well as activity modules available from www.arvindguptatoys.com. Inspired by the tremendous response we received from the teachers, we decided to organize a webinar on the same topic. We received good response for the event which was organized on 17th and 18th July 2020 in which 53 teachers from 19 schools had participated

Webinar on Green Teachers Program

Following topics were included for the webinar: Pedagogy for online education, Environmental activities through the online, demonstration on google forms and google classroom and learning science and maths through Dr Arvind Gupta’s online modules. The keynote address was given by Fr. Lancy D’Cruz SJ. Our IT expert resource person Mr Shashi Darshan besides giving a detailed presentation on the google classroom tried to address the technical queries from the teachers.

We thank all the principals and teachers who participated in the workshop.

Green Teachers Program – July 2020

Green Teachers Program - July 2020

St. Xavier’s School, Bharuch

The workshop was conducted for teachers of St. Xavier’s school, Bharuch on 10th July 2020. 20 teachers participated in the workshop. Three topics were included in the workshop:

Environmental Education through Films
Online Education
Google Forms.

The first session was on short films. We kept open discussion after the films. Each one them interpreted in their own way and made it more interesting.

The second session was conducted by Mrs. Archana on Online Education through PPT. After the session the teachers also shared how they use different methods for online education and make the lessons easy interesting for students.

The third session was conducted by Mr. Jothi on Teaching Pedagogy and how to create Google forms. The teachers tried to create google forms so that they can use for online education. We suggested them to prepare questions on environmental films and send it with short films to the students. With this we concluded our workshop.