SPARSH – Down to Earth Experiences with Mother Earth

SPARSH in most Indian languages means TOUCH. Birth to death we ‘live, move and have our being’, in touch with Mother Earth, a tiny speck in the Universe. We and all living beings on Earth are cared for and nurtured by Mother Earth. She provides us earth, air, water, fire and space. If any of these fundamental elements of the Earth is destroyed, our existence would be snuffed out.
Today, many of us see, experience and are aware of what we, human beings, ‘the climax of over 13.8 Billion years of evolution of the Universe’, are doing to Mother Earth. Her over- use, misuse, abuse, pollution and destruction. An increasing number of people in India and the world want to reverse this accelerating rush ‘to cut the branch on which we all are perched’.
‘It is better to light a lamp, than curse the darkness’. SPARSH presents some experiences of women and men across India who have or are venturing to stop this suicidal rush. You are invited to read it, and share it widely, in English or translated into any language. Let not our children question us “What were you doing when all this environmental destruction was happening all around you?”

- Rappai Poothokaren SJ, Lancelot D’Cruz, SJ

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